Friendship Bracelets

Friendship bracelets, a fashion accessory once attributed to young girls, can now be found on the wrists of people of all ages.

Friendship bracelets are bracelets that are generally hand made by one person and then given to another as a symbol of the friendship. The bracelet can be crafted from one of a number of different materials, including beads, hemp or wool.

The bracelet is then placed on the wrist of the friend. It shouldnt be removed manually because if it is that is a sign that the friendship is over. Instead it should be left on and if it falls off on its own, thats not considered damaging to the friendship.

There are many friendship bracelets craft kits available for purchase. These usually contain all the basics for making friendship bracelets. Young girls especially like receiving these kits for gift. It allows them to make several friendship bracelets which they can then share with the best buddies.

Friendship bracelets have also become popular as a way for a person to show they are smitten with another. Many teenage boys and girls make a friendship bracelet and then present it to the person they like. Its assumed that if you accept the bracelet you are also interested. Many teenagers are sporting them.

The color of friendship bracelets can be varied. Many are made from hemp or rope with the addition of colorful beads. The bracelets themselves are a tan color while the beads are said to reflect the personality of the person who gave the bracelet.

The process of making the friendship bracelets isnt complicated at all. There are many instructional booklets available that detail the process.

Most friendship bracelets are comprised of a number of knots in the material. Once youve made one bracelet its fairly simple to make more. Its a matter of practice.

One of the simplest types of friendship bracelets to make involves looping the cording or rope through a serious of beads. Once youve completed attaching all of the beads you then tie off the ends.

Glue is often used as a reinforcing agent during the making of friendship bracelets. It also acts as an agent that stops the cord or rope from unraveling.

The majority of friendship bracelets are simply tied onto the wrist. Once the bracelet is completed the person giving it will hold it around their friends wrists and tie it at an appropriate length. Its important to be careful not to tie the bracelet snugly around the wrist. There should be some room left under the bracelet to run a finger through. No one wants the friendship bracelet they gave to cut off the circulation of their recipient.

Adults are also beginning to wear friendship bracelets. They can be a gift from one person to another or they can also be purchased ready made and worn yourself. In addition to being a reminder of a fond childhood memory they actually go well with many casual outfits.

Friendship bracelets can be worn by anyone regardless of gender or age. They are a lovely way of showing your feelings for another person. They are also an interesting and innovative fashion accessory.

Top 5 Benefits Of Hiring An Internet Marketing Company

SEO stands for search engine optimization. Search Engine Optimization is a strategy to promote website exposure through higher visibility in the search engines; ultimately to achieve an increase in website traffic. Search engines are basically directories just like yellow pages but are extremely dynamic. This can be done in two ways. You can do it yourself or you can hire an Internet marketing company to do the work for your website. Doing the former cannot guarantee satisfactory results, while the latter is a better way to do it as per the seo point of view. So lets knowing the benefits of hiring an Web Marketing company is good to minimized your time and be assured about positive results.

Reasons for Hiring SEO Company

1. Long term Return on Investment from 24/7 online promotion.

Youll see a consistently high return on your marketing investment as Seo Company continually hone your campaign and keep bringing you new leads. Try measuring your marketing return on investment over the long term with internet marketing. Since search engine optimization is the line of work for SEO companies, you can expect a systematized implementation of their work. They already have systems and processes in place. An SEO company is not only specialized in getting a website indexed within various search engines like google, yahoo, bing, etc but also specialized in getting a website ranked for targeted keywords through Internet Marketing Strategies. Many businesses are just solely dependent on the search engines to generate leads, sales and a ton of business for them within a short span of time. An SEO company usually has years of experience to help your business website succeed online.

2. SEO Report help to improve your search engine ranking

Internet marketing company first making a search engine optimization plan for your site is to make an SEO report that shows the weaknesses and strengths of your website. When you have a search engine analytics program and use the Google webmaster tools for your sitemap we will also analyze that information for your SEO Report.

3. It Frees You from Time-consuming Work of Understanding Search Engine Algorithms

A Web Marketing company well understands the nature of search engine algorithms. This advantage allows them to strategize to increase website’s search engine ranking. Doing it you will mean studying how search engines work and how they will go to rank site. Although with thorough lots of study and analysis, you will end up with only having knowledge of how it works, this process will be time-consuming. With an Internet marketing company, you can save time on this step.

4. You can concentrate on Your Business

When you will be hiring an SEO company, you can spend more time on the other important aspects of your business. The concerns of ranking, marketing and optimization concerns will be handled by the web marketing Company.

5. You can Assure Professional Quality of Work

You will get regular updates and periodic reports on the developments of the website and see if your SEO Company is performing as promised. As the optimization work is done, you should get detailed and comprehensive reports that describe the work and any improvements in search engine rankings. These reports follow certain standards in the field. Furthermore, you should expect that the people who will be working on your website are competent and experienced in the field of search engine visibility. They can produce results in much less time; all without the need for your involvement.
The above benefits of hiring an SEO company are enough reasons why you should entrust the work to a legitimate internet advertising company than to do the SEO work on your own. The bigger implication of this is the possibility of losing opportunities to create new business in a short amount of time. If you are ready to hire an SEO company to do the work for you, you need to exercise due diligence by looking for a credible and legitimate company; one who already has experience in the field using expert professionals to work on your website.

Challenges Of A Platonic Relationship

Just like any other relationship, platonic relationships have got their own challenges. It can be very hard to maintain a platonic relationship without having some feeling for your friend. The more time you spend with a member of the opposite sex the more you grow to love them and appreciate them. You might even start seeing them attractive and start having imagination of how the two of you would look like if you were together. You might even go ahead and ask your platonic friend if you can stop being just friends and start being more. Your platonic friend might not take it nicely and you might end up loosing a great friendship.

Your partner might not get it that what you have with your friend is just a platonic relationship and nothing else to it. They might even try to break you up with your friend. You are then left to choose between your partner and your friend which is a hard thing to do. If you choose not to break up with your platonic friend it could be reason enough for you and your partner to have constant fights. Your friends too might not accept that what the two of you have is just pure friendship and nothing else. You will constantly have to explain to everyone around you that the two of you are just friends who like any other friends in the world share each other’s joy and sorrow and that you enjoy each other’s company.

In a platonic relationship, you might encounter a problem of drawing a boundary when it comes to sex. In a platonic relationship, the partners might find it hard to resist their sexual desires. This is particularly hard if the two of you are single and your sexual desires are not met. You might all decide to indulge in sexual pleasures forgetting that your friendship was not based on sex in the first place. It might also happen that the other person does not quite approve of this and you end up loosing your friendship. You are left with constant fear of telling your platonic friend the truth because you do not want to loose them. At the same time you are being dishonest to your friend.

You cannot totally be free to treat a platonic relationship like you would any other friendship. You are left worrying about how your friend will interpret a certain gesture. You could have done it out of a friendship point of view but your friend totally misinterprets you. For example, you can hug and kiss a friend every time you meet with them in a public place. When it comes to a platonic friend you become a little preserved about it. This is because you worry about what your friend will think and say and at the same time you are not so sure what kind of message you are sending to your platonic friend. They could interpret the kisses and hugs as a go on and be my boyfriend or girlfriend.

The 4 Worst Relationship Advice Books I’ve Ever Read

All of these books seem well-intentioned, but following their advice could be a bad idea. Here are some of the worst relationship advice books I’ve ever read, and what was so bad about them.

1. Why Men Won’t Commit – Getting What You Both Want Without Playing Games by George Weinberg, Ph.D.

This book is written by a man and is heavily slanted towards giving the man what he needs in the relationship.

The general theory of the book is that men don’t commit to women because they are afraid of “losing their masculinity”. On that point, we probably agree. In my opinion, it is a sad day when marriage is considered a “loss of masculinity”. It wasn’t so long ago, marriage was THE right of passage from boyhood to manhood. It was with great honor and pride that men took on the responsibility of a wife and heirs. But it was also the primary means for a man to begin having appropriate sexual relations. Unfortunately, that is no longer true.

The author encourages women to “maximize the early relationship sparks” by having sex “when it feels right” so that a man will feel more like committing to you. He also strongly suggests that your man will resent you for “making him wait too long” for sex. Hogwash!!

Ladies, these are ridiculous and threatening insinuendos meant to intimidate women! This is a book written by a self-admitted commitment-phobe who believes men should be given unlimited free sex without commitment. Skip this book, unless you are needing further proof that there are many men who have an attitude of smug self-entitlement regarding premarital sex.

2. Make Every Man Want You – How to Be So Irresistible You’ll Barely Keep From Dating Yourself! by Marie Forleo

No, no, no!! And did I say, NO?! This book is filled with terrible and self-contradictory advice. There are a few obvious good tips, such as “don’t be needy and insecure”, but most of of the book, in my opinion, is either psychobabble or downright WRONG!

The first chapter of the book reassures readers that all women are inherently irresistible and perfect just the way we are, if we will simply believe that fact. Then she suggests that we stop kidding ourselves, lose weight, dress sexier and take strip teasing lessons. Ridiculous!

She does not suggest waiting to have sex with a man. She only suggests being honest with yourself about your reasons for sleeping with a man. She also suggests you not have any preconceived notions about men, otherwise you will never have real love. I believe it’s better to have a fundamental understanding of what motivates most men and use that information wisely.

3. He’s Just Not That Into You – The No-Excuses Truth to Understanding Guys by Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuccillo

A funny and well written book. Plus the overall advice is good… if a guy is not calling you and not asking you out, don’t make excuses for him! He’s just not that into you. Move on!

But then the the book states that if a guy is not having sex with you, he’s not that into you. Surely what the authors meant to say is, “if a guy is not INTERESTED in having sex with you, he’s not that into you.” Unfortunately, the authors seem to forgetthe fact that if you’ve already slept with a guy and he has lost interest in you, it’s probably because he’s already HAD sex with you and he’s moving on to the next easy lay or to find a girl who is marriage material.

Another extremely disturbing tidbit is located at in the frequently asked questions section. The male author states that he believes marriage is just a “relationship tied to a legal document”. In other words, if your husband is not that into you, just move on.

4. If You Want Closure In Your Relationship, Start With Your Legs by Big Boom

Based upon the title, I thought this book would hit the nail on the head for me, but what a disappointment! It was a poorly written hodge podge of contradictory ramblings. The author calls himself “Boom, the bodyguard for women’s hearts”, a self-proclaimed reformed bad boy who goes on to describe his wilder days of physically abusing, sexually using and otherwise denigrating women. He says he wants women to learn to avoid men like him and stop trying so hard to please men in general. But it comes off a bit more like bragging.

Like many of the other books, it has some redeeming moments, like one on page 147 when he writes, “it’s easier to get money and commitment from a man who you haven’t had sex with than to get it from a man who you had sex with.” But later he gives women conflicting advice by saying that, “it is through good sex that a man starts to open his heart, allowing him to experience feelings that help him determine if the woman has more substance and staying power.”

But the worst thing about the book is it’s blunt sexism. Here are a few of my favorites:

If a woman has sex with a man the first night, she should “try not to wake up in the morning looking crazy. It’s too early in the morning and in the relationship for him to see you looking a mess.”

Regarding child support, he advices women to “stop trying to be greedy” and to leave it to God to provide for her and her children.

Here is a delicately worded tidbit regarding women’s footwear. He says, “she usually has no idea how bad her butt looks after taking her shoes off. Her butt drops and is not up in the air anymore. Now the man is looking at the woman thinking, ‘What happened to the butt.’” Ugh!

Find out which relationship books are highly recommended at my website.

Why Your Ex’s Rebound Relationship Might Be The Best Think For Yours

There are few things as painful as seeing the person you lovequickly get involved with somebody else – a rebound relationship.

What’s really going on in a rebound relationship is that your ex is going out with someone else to help them get over you. For many people, rebound relationships keep them from having to address the pain of a breakup. Therapists generally call such relationships “transitional,” which means they help people move on from something meaningful, like true love.

Regardless of whose fault it was, regardless of who finally called it quits, if your relationship was based on true love, it might be able to be saved – even if your ex is with somebody else right now.

Usually individuals run to someone totally completely different in a rebound relationship. If you were thoughtful, their new romantic interest might not be so nice. If you were positive and fun-loving, there’s a good bet the new person will be quieter and more distant. Or it might be the other way around. The point is, your ex will focus on what was wrong in your relationship, and naturally move along to something different.

And that’s a good thing, for tworeasons. First, it suggests that your ex continues to be thinking about you even when going out with the new person. And, you may have a chance to determine what your ex really needs in a relationship.

If your ex ran to somebody completely different from you, it probably means something they needed in a relationship was absent in yours. If you actually need to get your ex back, this can be a time to create some changes.

You will be happy to grasp that the vast majority of rebound relationships don’t last. So be patient. The more time your ex spends with their new love interest, the more they will see their flaws – and the better you will look. And when your ex sees that you have really made positive changes, that can only improve your image.

No matter what, do not crawl back to your ex quickly. They need to have a chance to appreciate for themselves that they miss you and each of the good things about your relationship. So play it cool. When your ex decides to start talking, be understanding. Welcome him or her back fondly. After all, this is the new, superior you!

Here are a few tips to note if your ex is on the rebound…

– Allow your ex discover for him or herself that you are what they want. Don’t try so hard to influence them.

– If you were wrong, ask for forgiveness. However only one time. Not over and over. If your ex accepts your apology, good. If not, let it go. Your ex will realize on their own why they love you.

– Even if you suspect you should make some changes, do not promise to do so. You are the person you ex fell for in the first place. If you make improvements on your own, nice!

– Never, ever beg. Your ex will only lose respect for you.

Rebound relationships will be really painful for the person left behind. However don’t give up hope. A rebound relationship may be a clear sign that your ex isn’t over you either!

How To Combine Your Studies With Love Relationships In The Campus

Love relationship and academic activities in the campus should compliment each other for success in your life. Thus, there should never be a divergence in your love relationships and your studies. Love relationships ought to serve as an inspirational tools for students to excel in their academic pursuits and general success in life. A relationship must have the power to motivate students to persist, achieve, and succeed academically and otherwise; because only by doing so can relationships truly flourish and be meaningful in the campuses of our universities.

In many cases, students get very enticed in getting the best grades in their courses and forget their love relationships with their fellow students. They unconsciously neglect this aspect of life, forgetting that getting good grades should also be fun in a way. On the other hand, some of the students do not even care about what marks or grades they get in the school, because they think that their interactions with other students are more important than their academic grades. If you truly want to succeed in life, you need to find a balance between your academics and social life.

Of course, a balanced life means a happy life. So, if you want to be happy, you ought to be balanced in everything that you do; that is why it is important to know some tips or strategies for a balanced relationship and academics in our campuses; and therefore achieve a happier and more fulfilled life. Read below the two tips that can help you combine your academics and social life in the course of your studies in the university.

1. Organize Your Time Very Well: You should organize your study time and social time to spend with your fellow students and friends. Have an schedules or agenda and make sure you communicate your schedules to your partner (girlfriend or boyfriend) after finishing your important academic work. These two always go together. This is because your studies can be tedious in most cases and will require additional efforts daily to deny you of some social aspect of life. So, use your time wisely and accept that you have limited time to be together, and that you will just have to make the most out of it.

2. Helpful and Healthy Interactions: Combining your academic work and social life is very important especially where deep love relationship is involved. To ensure that you are not weighed down by combining both academic and social life is to find some good time to study together especially where your fields of studies are related. By doing this, two of you will feel each other relationally and academically at the same time. This implies that you share your lives with each other and talk about the most important things in your lives in your studies and in your love relationship. In this way, two of you are always together, benefiting from intimacy and education, and the same time time building an everlasting stronger relationship for your life success in general. With this, neither your academic nor your social life will suffer.

Conclusively, it is challenging to combine and balance your academic and love relationship in the campus. To reduce the pressure accompanying it, you have to ensure that you set aside good time with your partner (boyfriend or girlfriend). Also, with helpful and healthy interaction towards the common goals of each other, you will realize that really it is your desire to share life with each other both academically and socially. So, in summary, to effectively combine and balance your academic and social life in the campus, you should organize your time very well, initiate helpful/healthy communications that will bring about academic and social support, understanding, and respect for your love desires and academic needs.

Revealing The 4 Critical Stages Of Growth In Every Successful Network Marketing Company

This is something that most establish network-marketing companies wont tell you about

According to MLM Next Step LTD:

In the early 1960s, franchising was a revolutionary new technology in business and it was also met with resistance. Newspapers and magazines wrote what a scam and rip-off franchising was. Stories of people who lost their life savings to some franchise were everywhere. There was a strong move to make franchising illegal. In fact, franchising actually came within 11 votes of being outlawed by Congress.
Today, this so-called scam is responsible for over 34 percent of all retail sales in North America. Franchises sell nearly 800 billion dollars worth of goods and services today. Every industry goes through an evolution similar to this. Chiropractors were considered quacks in the 1970s, the stock market was considered shady and a form of gambling and the first newspaper in British North America, The Public Occurrence (1690), was suppressed by the governor of Massachusetts. Now, we almost can’t do without these industries.


Creation of company: You must first create your company, along with a catchy name, as well as marketing tools.

Product management: Manage your products, whether they are your own or an affiliate product. Delete the ones that arent selling and market the ones that are!

Getting top gun recruiters into the company: You need a team to make your company successful. Getting the best recruiters on your team will bring you much closer to success.

Drafting out a compensation plan: How will you compensate those on your team while still making a profit?

Company is shown to the world: Get the word out about your company through PR. Begin with an eye-catching press release.


Formulation of a robust company
50% out network marketing companies go out of business in the first year.
80% of remaining network marketing company wont even get pass the 3rd year.
Those who pass the 2 most important criteria are game for great momentum growth.


1. Hit the masses.
2. Steep Surge of sales figure; imagine that of a tsunami wave.
3. This is where HUGE money was made.
4. Huge numbers of distributors join the company.


Finally the network marketing company, which passes the formula, concentration and momentum stage, will reach stability stage.
There will still be growth in the company but not of huge proportions compared to the momentum stage.

Most importantly, what is in it for you? If you were to ever join a network marketing company, make sure you ride on the tsunami wave where it is in its infancy and enjoy the process. As technology is moving at a staggering speed, a company that uses Internet as a recruitment platform will go much further and faster.